Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wait... who's your Brother?

      I have greatly profited from the teaching of Paul Washer for many years, and just today, I was flabbergasted by the incredible parallel he drew to Christ from a famous O.T. figure.  I have read of several similar links made by the most insightful of the Puritans, but no one in the last 200 years.  He's started a  series in Ephesians, and he was getting excited trying to communicate the vast quantity of blessings implied in 1:3, the ones we have in Christ Jesus.  Here's a rough paraphrase of his thoughts...
Is this enough?

"Imagine you're one of Joseph's brothers during the famine, and your stomach is making noises you've never heard before.  You are sent to Egypt and are brought before the lord of the granaries, who alone has access to all the grain you and your family need to survive.  You look at all the grandeur of His palace and the dignity of his person, and you know you're not worthy to ask him for a piece of bread, let alone grain for 70 people.  But then the facade is dropped, and you realize he's your brother who loves you and desires to bless you.  So here in Ephesians, we see the Anointed Saviour of God, the Lord of all the treasuries of Heaven, and you're not worthy to touch the hem of His garment... but then you are made to see that He's your Brother, and all the good things of God, even the ones you don't know exist, everything is yours in Jesus."

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