Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The post my wife wants to see...

     T (my wife) and I were talking the other day while doing something I loved and she hated:  watching the Republican National Convention.  I am riveted by politics because (as I told her) the politics of today is the history of tomorrow... this is what our grandchildren will learn in school (if the Lord tarries).  She is, at best, inconvenienced by politics because political coverage on TV causes her to miss her favorite shows.  But we got to talking about the Bible and how a Christian should vote, and she felt very strongly that I should be more public with my views... i.e. go hold a sign on a street corner, run for office, or something like that.  So in the season when many Christians (they are the 99% ? Haha!) are explaining why they are voting for Romney, let me share why you shouldn't feel obligated to and why I'm not:
     1.  There's never only 2 people running for President:  we as Christians are obligated to honor God by voting for the man who most honors Him.  I have been convinced for years the party that most supports a biblical worldview morally, socially, and economically is the Constitution Party;  if you favor saving the lives of the unborn, keeping government small, and sticking to the intent and scope of our nation's founding document, your choice is clear.  I would challenge anyone for a coherent argument that the Republican Party is the most biblical one.
     2.  Romney has a spotty (at best) record on abortion and can only be described as a recent convert to a pro-life position.  In his last gubernatorial campaign, he responded to Shannon O'Brien in a debate:  "I am not going to change our pro choice laws in Massachusetts in any way ... I will preserve them, I will protect them, I will enforce them. Therefore I am not going to make any changes which would make it more difficult for a woman to make that choice herself."
     3.  Romney's view on socialized medicine (a.k.a. "Romneycare") is simply "Obamacare Lite";  their similarities are well known, and even Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg used Romney's work in MA to justify the constitutionality of Obamacare.
     To be continued...

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