Thursday, November 15, 2012

The heart (and soul?!?) of atheism...

     As I grumbled about having to work so early today, God corrected and rebuked me in the most profitable way:  another educational conversation with my Friendly Neighborhood Atheist (FNA)!  I truly was blessed by this subconscious glimpse into his soul, and have renewed my prayers for his conversion;  I hope you are similarly encouraged.
     We were discussing the meaning and purpose behind it all, and I asked him if we were the products of amoebas, what possible purpose is there?  He responded that mere survival was the key and "it's all about the genes!"  I was taken aback, and waited for a break to respond:  "But you don't have any children!  How are you going to pass on your genes?"  Here's the kicker;  I should have expected FNA to say this, but after dwelling upon his answer, I felt privileged to glimpse such a profound, yet unconscious affirmation of the Scripture's teaching on our unregenerate hearts.  He said:
"No way!  If there really is a God in heaven waiting to squash us, He's only going to get me, not my kids!"
      Do you see it?  This man can not escape the awareness that there is such a God that he consciously denies, and that judgment for our crimes is forthcoming.  So in a dimly understood way, FNA had attempted to defy God and "protect" any of his possible offspring from the vengeance of God, which he feels amounts to cruel unjustified torture!  Even subconsciously, we fight against the God we deny, and express our hatred of Him in life-changing ways.  Of course, all such efforts are futile;  the eternal purposes of God are not frustrated by tiny worms like us, and all our iniquities, even our impotent, God-hating plans, are either nailed to Christ's cross, or recompensed in hell.  I hope this blesses and informs you in the subconsciousness of atheism as you and I work to win them.

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